Emergenza 24h


The succesful outcome to many procedures – be they diagnostic, major surgery or stress and pain control - depends on the administration of anaesthetic drugs that should be administered on a case-by-case basis in such a way that guarantees the safety and well-being of our patients. Before administering any kind of anaesthesia it is of prime importance that the animal should undergo an examination to accurately determine the anaesthesiological risk in accordance with the ASA classification (American Society of Anesthesiologists). In certain cases it is necessary to carry out some investigations - haemotological, laboratorial, radiological, cardiological or ultrasound imaging – in order to discover the possible presence of existing pathologies and to modify the anaesthesia to take account of them. Thanks to the advanced equipment in use during the anaethesia, the anaesthetist can constantly monitor the patient's condition and is able to evaluate in real time the electrocardiogram, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiration, capnography, blood gas analysis and haematological values. This permits stability control of the anaesthesia and the modulation of the administration of the anaesthetics and painkillers, thus ensuring that anaesthesia is at the correct level.

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